Hassan Bahadori, Senior Lighting Designer

He acquired a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering and master’s degree in architectural lightings design from Hochschule Wismar University, Germany. The integration of two majors allowed him for easier problem solving when translating abstract design ideas into technical specifications necessary for project execution. For 24 years he has practiced the art of architectural lighting design and over the past two decades he presented more than 6800 design projects. Here are some of his Awards & achievements as follow:

  • Member of Prestigious International associations: IALD (United State of America) and AALD (Asia).
  • Founder and member of “Professional Lighting and illumination Association”: ILDA (Iran).
  • Winner: World’s Best Exterior lighting design (High Budget Section) 2019 by [d]arc awards.
  • Nominated: World’s Best Landscape lighting design (Low budget section) 2021 by [d]arc awards.
  • Nominated: World’s Best Exterior lighting design (Low budget section) 2021 by [d]arc awards.
  • Nominated: World’s Best Interior lighting design (Low budget section) 2021 by [d]arc awards.
  • Nominated: World’s Best lighting design for four consecutive years 2015-2018 by [d]arc awards.
  • World’s Fourth Place in Landscape lighting Design in 2018by [d]arc awards.
  • Winner: Asia’s First Place In lighting design in 2018 (Asia Excellent Awards).
  • Nominated: World’s best lighting design in hotel and restaurant section in 2017by LIGHTING DESIGN AWARDS.
  • Nominated: Middle East’s Best Lighting Design in three consecutive years 2015-2017 by Light Middle East Awards.
  • Winner: Middle East’s First Place in lighting competition in 2016 by LUX Middle East Awards.
  • The Chosen light designer of the Middle East in 2008 by MELDA and Holder of Highly Commended title.
  • Founder and member of the “Me & Nature” community. Every Wednesday at 16:00 to 17:00, a voluntary act of cleaning garbage in the public and urban places for better acculturation.

Here is a Brief explanation about this community in his words: “I believe it must be start from somewhere; Therefore, it is better to start from ourselves instead of criticizing. I believe acculturation will not happen properly unless We all change our bad habits. For one hour a week, me and my colleagues put aside work and dedicate that one hour to cleaning the environment around us. A movement that can be called acculturation Because we owe it to the nature, The nature that we only used and unfortunately it is not feeling well now.”


Me And Nature Gallery